Developing Specialised Accident Investigators

Sponsored by the Bureau of the Police Research and Development (BPR&D), Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, IRTE has conducted 79 courses for 1295 Inspectors, Sub-inspectors and Assistant Sub Inspectors from 26 States and Union Territories across the country in Road Crash Investigation. These are on-going courses which are being held at the College of Traffic Management. The curriculum includes Forensic Science and Evidence Collection, Traffic and related Legislations, Traffic Control Devices, Photography, Report Writing, Handling of victims, 3D Reconstruction of accidents and handling of MACT Cases.

rc-sharmaN Naveen Kumar
Karnataka Police

Apart from studying law. We have learned drafting of Manager. Attending injured on the accident spot, Photography of accident site, methods of calculating stopping distance, breaking distance, speed, etc.

rc-sharmaRamesh Chandra Sharma
Sub Inspector
Uttar Pradesh Police

These kinds of courses should be conducted at every school/ college. All public, drivers etc should be educated.

rc-sharmaMr. Harinder Sekhon
Sub Inspector
Chandigarh Police

IRTE Should launch similar courses in other cities to flourish the knowledge and awareness regarding new methods of crime scene investigation. Judiciary many also include in the present course.

Training Period: 5 Days

Objective of the Training Programme:

The Modules comprise of all aspects of Crash Investigation and includes the areas of evidence collection, crash scene management, legislation and the linkages to traffic control devices, photogrammetry with the science of 3D reconstruction, report writing, first aid and the science of forensic engineering.

Course Content:

  • Basics of Road Crash Investigation
  • Road Traffic Violations (RTVs)
  • Laws related to Road Traffic Crashes
  • Preparation of Site Plan and Photography
  • Common Integrated Police Application (CIPA)
  • Crash Scene Management
  • Post-Crash Management- Handling of Crash Victims
  • Understanding Traffic Control Devices & Legislation as the basis of investigation of Crashes

Target Audience:

Police officers dealing with Crash Investigation.