President Speaks

Our journey is just the beginning of a struggle, enlightenment, discovery, patience, action and partnerships.

Every component of the road system which includes the vehicle, road infrastructure, traffic engineering, driver training, education and awareness programmes as well as the laws that govern the road, must have safety as an inherent virtue. This is now being recognized by many a traffic management experts the world over.


Dr. Rohit Baluja
Institute of Road Traffic Education

College of Traffic Management

Road Safety cannot be an external element which could be imposed upon the different components of road system to deliver safety. The deliberations at the World Forum, The Global Road Safety Crisis, by the United Nations in April 2004 revolved around the fact that only a balanced participation from all the stakeholders including the government, automobile, oil and insurance industries, various NGOs working in this field and the common man can together bring about a paradigm shift in the approach towards dealing with this grave social problem. IRTE’s journey since 1991 has dwelt upon catalysing development of infrastructure in the fields of traffic engineering, traffic enforcement, enforcement technology, driver training and testing systems, public participation and building awareness.

Our efforts have been based upon scientific research and development supported by educational and training programmes. Most of IRTE’s programmes have seen phenomenal success because each one of them was channelled through process of research, implementation and audit and was dedicated to the nation.

There still remains a lot more ground to be covered and many challenges to be overcome. Our journey is just the beginning of a struggle, enlightenment, discovery, patience, action and partnerships. The journey has been difficult and testing but extremely gratifying at the same time. Despite fighting against many odds that include financial challenges and absolute resistance to change from various quarters, IRTE is marching ahead because of our commitment and the support of friends and partners who have continuously inspired us.

We look forward to all possible support in our endeavour, be it in terms of finance, ideas, criticism, inspiration or appreciation.

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IRTE hopes that there will be a concerted effort from all the stakeholders towards making the global roads safer.