M.Sc. Forensic Science

Forensic Science, an amalgamation of almost all faculties of knowledge, is an essential and efficient enabler in the dispensation of justice in criminal, civil, regulatory and social contexts. As of today few Government and Private Universities have initiated this program under its aegis. The need however remains for quality education, training and research in Forensic Science. With this view, the College of Traffic Management has initiated this Master’s Program with a view to impart quality Forensic Education that will cater to not only crash investigation but also to crime at large and over a period evolve as an integrated entity encompassing scientific, technological and legal services.Our curriculum lay emphasis on a practical approach in all the domains of Forensic Science and is affiliated to Maharshi Dayanand University (MDU), Rohtak, Haryana.

Academic Objectives:

1. To work towards development of forensic science by providing quality education and research in the area
2. To providing facilities for training and research to students, trainers and working professionals associated
with the field Forensic Science.
3. To act as a reference body in the area of forensic science and impart its services to all associated stakeholders.


Class room lectures, laboratory based practical sessions, seminars, case studies, group discussions, Video conferencing by eminent experts from India and abroad, Summer Internship or Field Work and Project work related to the area of Forensic Science environment.

Program Structure:

This is a two year program spread over four semesters. In the first year the students have core papers. While in the second and third semesters they have electives in the form of Discipline specific and Open or Interdisciplinary Electives along with the Core Papers. A core paper is a compulsory paper to be studied by a candidate as a core requirement to complete the requirements of a degree. The Discipline Specific Elective is
a paper where in a candidate can choose from a pool of papers from the main discipline which supports the course. They are also mandatory as per course curriculum. Whereas an Open Elective paper is chosen generally from an un–related discipline with an intention to seek exposure. The students are provided with an option to choose any one area of specialization out of the three areas provided, i.e., Forensic Chemical Sciences, Forensic Biological Sciences and Forensic Physical Sciences


FIRST YEAR (2 semesters)

  • Elementary Forensic Science
  • Police and Crime Investigative Agencies
  • Fundamentals of Fingerprint Examination
  • Fundamentals of Questioned
  • Document Examination
  • General Forensic Tools and Techniques
  • Forensic Lab Course-I (Based on Fingerprint Examination)