M.Sc.in Traffic management and M.Sc. in Forensic Science - The Best Job Oriented courses.

The College of Traffic Management which is now training all Indian Police Service (IPS) Probationers in Traffic Management, highway engineers, transport officers, driver trainers, accident investigators, and has opened its gate to candidates from all across South East Asia. Scientific approach to traffic management and road safety management is the need of the hour, making this course perfect to gain a holistic approach to this field.

MSc Forensic Sciences is a postgraduate Forensic Science course that deals with the application of multiple scientific methods to solve legal issues. Both courses are extremely job oriented with an immense amount of opportunities available in completion.

Opportunities after M.Sc.in Traffic management:

  • Highway Authorities
  • Legal Firms
  • Airport Authorities
  • Hospitals and Primary Health care centers

Opportunities after M.Sc.in Forensic Science:

  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Government and Private Forensic Science Labs
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Legal Firms

The College of Traffic Management launched Asia's first Post Graduate course, M.Sc in Traffic Management. A course that has been based upon the principles of the Safe Systems Approach designed to cater to the needs of vulnerable Road Users in SouthEast Asia.The College has also started M.Sc. in Forensic Science, a course that offers a new dimension in forensic engineering and forensic applications.

Both courses involve in-depth learning, with hands-on experience to develop a job oriented candidate. Making them the best job-oriented courses to gain opportunity to bring about change in road engineering,which is of utmost importance for Road safety in India. However, M.Sc. in Forensic Science provides one with the right amount of learning to deal with the application of multiple scientific methods to solve legal issues.

Why MSc. in Traffic management and MSc. in Forensic Science are the best job oriented courses

These two brilliant courses offered by IRTE are the pioneer for road education and forensic science in India. The 2 year intensive courses prepare you for a job-oriented career, and give you an edge to excel in it.

Based upon our 28 years of research and data collected, transforming this rich literature into formal academic methodology by creating the first ever Masters programme in Traffic Management.

On the other hand, Forensic Education will cater to not only crash investigation but also to crime at large and over a period evolve as an integrated entity encompassing scientific, technological and legal services. The curriculum lay emphasis on a practical approach in all the domains of Forensic Science.

The scope of Job Opportunities you can explore:

  1. Concessionaires Highways
  2. Road Construction and Maintenance Organizations
  3. Fleet Operators
  4. Tourist & Transport Organizations
  5. Tourist & Transport Organizations
  6. Insurance Companies
  7. Automobile Organizers
  8. Urban Development Agencies
  9. Agencies Undertaking Safety Audits

The Demand Supply gap

The two courses offered by IRTE offer a job oriented future, a future that has a sense of stability. We are in a time that is extremely uncertain, the rapidly changing environment leaves us all with extreme uncertainties in terms of education & employment. M.Sc In Traffic Management and MSc. in Forensic Science help you eliminate this problem.

With numerous opportunities in the Road & Safety sector and in the fields of Forensic Sciences one may have opportunities to explore and excel, as the industry is still growing and has scope. Jobs are secure, and one may even get more job security in unsure times like these.

A Career in Traffic Management & Forensic Sciences

A career in these fields helps one give back to the nation by providing their faithful services- in the fields of road safety and forensic sciences on the basis of their knowledge gained in the 2 years of the course.

It helps make global roads accident free and tension free through education, discipline, research and planning and to make people aware of the value of life, so that happiness prevails. It helps one to become a better individual and create the same environment for people around you.

The two courses MSc. in Traffic management and MSc. in Forensic Science are not only job oriented courses but also courses that help holistic development and growth in an individual. The course however provides exciting scholarships, that are provided on various basis.

The intake is 30 seats for M.Sc Traffic Management and 20 seats for M.Sc Forensic Science, Grab your Seat Today!