Crime Scene Module

Course Name: Certificate Course on Crime Scene Investigation

Course Code: CTM-IRTE-FS-2001

Course Type: Basic

Course Prerequisite/Eligibility: Graduation in any discipline/Students pursuing Graduation is also eligible

Course Objectives:

  1. The course will impart the students' knowledge about crime scene, its types and the various methods of processing a crime scene.
  2. The course will help the students to understand the significance of evidence and types of evidence, and the various protocols involved in collecting, packaging and preserving different types biological and non-biological and trace evidence at crime scenes.
  3. The course will also provide the students opportunity to learn about the various investigative techniques encompassing the legal aspects.

Course Outcomes:

  1. On completion of this course, the students will learn about the role of Forensic Science in crime investigation.
  2. They will learn about the various techniques to investigate a scene of crime.
  3. Participants would be able to study the characteristics and properties of different evidence like glass, soil, paint, hair and fibres which are normally encountered at the scene of crime.
  4. They would also be able to study the various methods by which these evidences can be examined in the laboratory.

Course Content

Module 1 - Crime Scene Investigation:

Definition of crime, types of crime scenes, Basic Principles of Forensic Science, Securing and Recording of crime scene: Photography, Sketching, Note making, Videography. Search methods of Physical evidence, collection, preservation and packaging of the evidence, chain of custody. Reconstruction of the crime scene.

Module 2 - Physical Evidence and Criminal Investigative Techniques:

Definition, types of evidence: Physical, Biological, Chemical and Testimonial evidence. Introduction to I.P.C., Cr.P.C. and I.E.A., Sections 291, 292 and 293 of CrPC. Admissibility of the evidence- Section 45 IEA, cognizable & non-cognizable offences. Criminals, criminal behaviour, elements of crime and modus operandi. Investigative Techniques: Criminal Profiling, Portrait Parley, Polygraphy, Narco-analysis and Brain Mapping.

Module 3 – Bilogical Evidence Body Fluids/ Stains:

Introduction to various types of body fluids, Examination of blood stains-physical, biochemical, microscopic and spectroscopic method. Identification of seminal stains- Physical, biochemical and microscopic examination, Morphological structure of spermatozoa of human. Confirmatory test for semen. Identification and examination of other body fluids/stains-vaginal, saliva, urine and sweat.

Hair and Fibres: Morphology of human and animal hair and its microscopic examination, determination of origin, race, sex, site. Types of fibres, forensic aspects of fibre examination- fluorescent, optical properties, refractive index, birefringence, dye analysis etc., identification and comparison of man-made and natural fibre.

Module 4 – Non-biological Evidence:

Glass: Types of glass and their composition, Forensic examination of glass fractures, determination of direction of impact, cone fracture, rib marks, hackle marks, backward fragmentation, colour and fluorescence, physical matching, density comparison, physical measurements, refractive index, elemental analysis, interpretation of glass evidence.

Soil: Formation and types of soil, composition and colour of soil, particle size distribution, turbidity test, microscopic examination, density gradient analysis, ignition loss, differential thermal analysis, elemental analysis, interpretation of soil evidence. Paint: Types of paint and their composition, macroscopic and microscopic studies, pigment distribution, elemental analysis, interpretation of paint evidence. Impression Evidence: Brief introduction of Footprints, Fingerprints and Tool Marks.

Duration of the Course: 1 month

Course Fees: Rs. 4999/person plus GST

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  • Bank Name - Axis Bank, IFSC Code - UTIB0002693