Fingerprint Course Module

Course Name: Certificate course for Fingerprint Examination

Course Code: CTM-IRTE-FS-1001

Course Type: Basic

Course Prerequisite/Eligibility: Graduation in any discipline/Students persuing graduation is also eligible to apply

Course Objectives:

  1. After studying this course, the students will acquire Knowledge about the Science of Fingerprints, different types and patterns of Fingerprints and their classification systems.
  2. They will be able to gather knowledge in understanding the different physical and chemical methods used for develop latent prints.
  3. The course will enable the students to prepare reports on the Fingerprint findings and present their reports to the Courts

Course Outcomes:

  1. After completing the course students will be able to understand the different patterns of fingerprints, their uniqueness and their use for personal identification.
  2. They will understand the methods of developing, lifting, comparing and classifying the fingerprints.
  3. They will learn about essentials of report writing in Fingerprint and giving expert testimony in court of law.

Course Content

Module 1 - Introduction and History:

General Introduction of Fingerprint Science, History and its Development, Origin of Fingerprints, Principles of Fingerprints, Different patterns of Fingerprints, Identification of Fingerprint, Importance of Fingerprint in crime detection.

Module 2 - Types of Fingerprints and Classification:

Pattern area, Core, Delta, Type lines, Ridge characteristics, Fingerprint pattern types: Arch (Simple Arch and Tented Arch), Loop (Ulnar Loop and Radial Loop) and Whorl (Plain Whorl and Composites – Twinned Loop, Central Pocket Loop, Lateral Loop and Accidental). Henry classification system/Ten Digit Fingerprint classification system.

Module 3 - Development of Fingerprints:

Types of Fingerprints at crime scene: Chance or Latent prints, visible prints and plastic prints. Methods of development of latent Fingerprints: Physical Methods Black Powder, Fluorescent Powders, Magnetic Powder, etc. Chemical Methods – lodine Fuming method, Ninhydrin method, Silver Nitrate method, Cyanoacrylate Method, etc.

Module 4 – Recording and Comparison of Fingerprints:

Preserving and lifting of Fingerprints, Comparison of Fingerprints and basis of comparisons – class and individual characteristics, various types of ridge minutiae. Ridge counting and ridge tracing. Legal aspects and admissibility of fingerprint evidence in court of law. Preparation of report, Testimony of forensic (fingerprint) expert during the trial.

Duration of the Course: 1 month

Course Fees: Rs. 4999/person plus GST

  • Cheque must be in favour of 'Institute of Road Traffic Education'
  • For Online Banking - A/C No. 917010070966806
  • Bank Name - Axis Bank, IFSC Code - UTIB0002693