Road Safety Education

School Conclave - Road Safety through existing curriculum subjects

Realising the vulnerability of the children on our roads, various discussions and meetings were held across the country debating the need to introduce Road Safety as a separate subject in the school curriculum. Schools and teachers across the country felt that teaching schedule is always under pressure, and introducing yet another subject would overload the already over burdened student. However, everybody agreed that it is necessary to make the student aware of the hazards of the road as well as to develop an attitude of defensive road usage amongst them. To resolve this tangle, IRTE has developed a module and methodology, to teach Road Safety Education through the existing curriculum subjects.

Workshops in the School Conclave on road safety are organised to

a) Educate the teachers in the basics of road laws, driver education and behaviour, current status of road environment and enforcement, causes and hazards which lead to road accidents, and post-accident management.

b) Help the teachers with systems and supports through an interactive training system, and impart the thirteen objectives through already existing curriculum subjects including Geography, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Language, Art and Craft, etc.

Interestingly, existing curriculum subjects, somewhere or the other, support all aspects concerning road usage and safety.

This system of education through a hidden curriculum, is not only enhancing safety for our children while using the roads, but also helping us in setting up a culture of road usage through our younger generation. In the last four years, over 1600 teachers from over 500 schools from all over the country have been trained by the experienced faculty of IRTE.

The success of this effort has been possible because of the support of the Ministry of Shipping, Road Transport and Highways, Government of India. IRTE invites Schools, Corporates, and Education departments of states to partner in our endeavour to multiply our effort in making more and more schools road safety literate.

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