Our Vision

Since the creation of the Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE) in December 1991, most of our research initiatives have delivered proven results, which can be adapted in developing countries like India for improving the basis of traffic management systems.


As a member of the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration and the Commission for Global Road Safety, we support the Decade of Action for Road Safety and implementation of a five pillar Action Plan designed to

(1) Build management capacity
(2) Influence road design and network management
(3) Influence vehicle safety design
(4) Influence road user behaviour
(5) improve post crash care.


Research at IRTE has delivered many important initiatives which have been recognised on a national basis, both by the Government as well as the corporate sector. These include the Traffic Enforcement vehicles – Interceptor, Mobile Crash Investigation and Road Safety Audit Laboratory – CrashLab, the School Conclave programme for imparting road safety education in schools, the National Highway Literacy programme, Journey Risk Management and the Student Traffic Volunteers Scholarship Scheme. IRTE programmes and initiatives can be seen on our website (www.irte.com)


In the process of research, IRTE’s tools, systems and methods of training in all areas of traffic management have been benchmarked and training courses imparted by the institution have been most successful. But our capacities to impart such courses were restricted due to limitations of space and human resources.


Our vision of creating an Umbrella facility for research based training towards capacity building in road safety management for India and other developing countries is taking shape as The College of Traffic Management.


The College is situated on the Aravali Hills, Badhkal Surajkund Road, Faridabad, in the National Capital Territory of Delhi.

The College is currently divided into 5 formal schools:

1. The Centre for Analysis & Research in Road Safety

2. School of Driver Training

3. School of Traffic Enforcement

4. School of Road Safety Education and Media Development

5. School of Public Health


We welcome financial support towards making the college a comprehensive facility where training and research fulfil the needs for catalyzing safety traffic management in developing and emerging nations.


In this endeavour we invite global partnerships with Universities, Institutions, and Academies, Governments as well as the corporate sector towards sharing knowledge, research and good practices in making this college a world class facility.

For additional information and updates please visit us at or email at www.irte.com or email us at safety@irte.com.