Road Safety Audit

As a not-for-profit research organisation, the objective of our work is not profiteering, and consequently, we believe in capacity building of organisations for whom we conduct the audits, so that they can become self-sufficient in conducting the same in future.

“Public Health for Road Safety” Accident Prevention, rather than only Reduction.

Road Safety Audit is covering the emphasis on correcting black-spots, blind spots (visibility restricted areas) and black stretches with aim of accident reduction. Methodology has been based upon the “bottom-up approach” through the understanding of causative and consequential factors of road crashes.

The philosophy of Road Safety Audit at IRTE focuses on optimisation of road safety at all project phases of feasibility, draft design, final design, construction stage, and finally before operation stages. The Department of Traffic Enforcement which deals with accident investigation and the Department of Forensic Science which deals with accident analysis, both work together as a team with our Road Safety Engineers towards conducting surveys and studies, developing tools and systems off audit and training, and conducting the Audit itself.

Road Safety Audit Scope of Work

  • Road Inventory Survey
  • Road Geometric Design Surveys
  • Junctions and Intersections (major junctions)
  • Road Infrastructure
  • Study of Traffic Characteristics
    • Traffic Volume Count
    • Speed Surveys
  • On-street Parking and Encroachment Survey
  • Validation of existing Traffic Control Devices: Road Signs, Markings and Signals; and GAP Analysis
  • Road/Traffic Hazard Identification and Analysis and proposition of Corrective measures to eliminate maximum risks.
  • Precision Location Risk Mapping and Assessment
    • Creation of a customized digital road network
    • Risk Identification and location mapping using customized GPS technology
  • Risk Assessment and mitigation measures
  • Safety Measures for Vulnerable Road Users
  • Road User Behaviour Studies
  • Study of Violations