Designed for practical use by police in capturing video based moving violations including speeds of vehicles,
the Interceptor is a comprehensive enforcement and education system.


The Interceptors has been conceptualised and developed to meet multiple objectibes, namely:

Evidence Based Traffic Law Enforcement

This approach guarantees accurate and reproducible evidence of errant driving
behaviour with references to the road environment.

Enforcement on a Mobile Platform

Mobility of this comprehensive enforcement tool is its unique virtue. The
enforcement crew can conveniently and quickly move over to demanding and strategic locations.

Traffic Education

Leveraging the on-board audiovisual equipment the police makes the errant drivers aware
of the gravity of traffic violations committed by them which act as a wellness building initiatives.

Road and Infrastructure Surveys

Utilizing its mobility and on-board video documentation features, the Interceptor CrashLab is used to survey and record conditions of roads, highways and infrastructure.


The Interceptor has a prominent exterior appearance combined with high visibility graphics intended to project an overwhelming impression of law, discipline, agility and technology.

IRTE welcomes the use of INTERCEPTOR & CrashLab by the police departments/ government with due acknowledgement to IRTE. In order to avoid any trademark infringement it is desired that concerned departments who procure enforcement vehicles bearing the trademark INTERCEPTOR must comply with the specifications developed by the IRTE in order to ensure that the vehicles developed adhere to the highest quality standards and are in compliance with the current and up-to-date norms established and set by IRTE.

Functional Components of V8

Day/Night/All Weather Primary Laser Based Speed Video Enforcement System
Day/Night All Weather Automobile Grade Roof Mount PTZ HD Camera
Day/Night Quaternary Inside View Fixed Camera
Hard Drive Based Four Channel HDD Recorder with Remote View enabled
Roof Mount Programmable LED Signage
Onboard multimedia and Navigation
Auxiliary Power Generation, Storage and Conversion
Stationary and Moving mode speed enforcement enables through inbuilt GPS
Day/Night Tertiary Rear View Fixed Camera
Widescreen LED/TFT Auxiliary Display
Breath Alcohol Analyzer with Camera, GPS and inbuilt Printer
High intensity LED Spot Lamps on roof rail
Multi-Tone Siren cum Public Address System

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