The concept of the Interceptor dates back to the year 1995. Pioneered by Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE), the INTERCEPTOR V9 is the outcome of many years of research, development and deployment experience. It has undergone generations of technology upgrades. Contributions from experts, police, designers, engineers and vendors from the world over have been incorporated into this evidential enforcement-cum-audit tool. It is a singular mobile platform and a comprehensive tool for Road Traffic Safety, Traffic Enforcement, Road Crash Investigation and Road Safety Audit.

IRTE believes and embraces the rapid convergence of varied technologies, especially of automobiles, digital electronics, telecom and global positioning, classified under the wide definition of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).


INTERCEPTOR® & CrashLab® are the intellectual properties of the Institute of Road Traffic Education and have been developed and regularly upgraded in technology over the last 23 years. These advancements have considered the needs and problems faced by the police departments over this period.

IRTE welcomes the use of INTERCEPTOR® & CrashLab® by the police departments/ government with due acknowledgement to IRTE.

In order to avoid any trademark infringement it is desired that concerned departments who procure enforcement vehicles bearing the trademark INTERCEPTOR® must comply with the specifications developed by the IRTE in order to ensure that the vehicles developed adhere to the highest quality standards and are in compliance with the current and up-to-date norms established and set by IRTE.


The Interceptor has been conceptualised and developed to meet
multiple objectives, namely:


Evidence Based Traffic
Law Enforcement

This approach guarantees accurate and reproducible evidence of errant driving behaviour with references to the road environment.


Enforcement on a Mobile

Mobility of this comprehensive enforcement tool is its unique virtue. The enforcement crew can conveniently and quickly move over to demanding and strategic locations.



Leveraging the on-board audio visual equipment the police makes the errant drivers aware of the gravity of traffic violations committed by them which act as a wellness building initiatives


Road and Infrastructure

Utilizing its mobility and on-board video documentation features, the Interceptor CrashLab is used to survey and record conditions of roads, highways and infrastructure.



The Interceptor has a prominent exterior appearance combined with high visibility graphics intended to project an overwhelming impression of law, discipline, agility and technology.

Interceptor Journey


IRTE was Established


Design development consultative workshops


Launch of the Interceptor to support the Delhi Traffic Police


Participated At The National Republic Day Parade


Increased deployment of eight Interceptors with Delhi Traffic Police and Transport Department


Participation of three Interceptors in the NationalRepublic Day parade


Launch of India's first mobile crash Interceptor lab called as CrashLab


Regular Improvements

50 Road Safety Audits and Journey Risk Management of 55,000 km of Indian National and State Highways. Regular upgrades in design and technology.


Launch of the full combined Interceptor and CrashLab V8

Functional Components of V8

Day/Night/All Weather Primary Laser Based Speed Video Enforcement System

Stationary and Moving mode speed enforcement enables through inbuilt GPS

Day/Night All Weather Automobile Grade Roof Mount PTZ HD Camera

Day/Night Tertiary Rear View Fixed Camera

Day/Night Quaternary Inside View Fixed Camera

Widescreen LED/TFT Auxiliary Display

Hard Drive Based Four Channel HDD Recorder with Remote View enabled

Breath Alcohol Analyzer with Camera, GPS and inbuilt Printer

Roof Mount Programmable LED Signage

High intensity LED Spot Lamps on roof rail

Onboard multimedia and Navigation

Multi-Tone Siren cum Public Address System


IRTE took the initiative to set up India's first Mobile Collision Analysis & Research Laboratory CrashLab, with a vision to revolutionize scientific collision investigation in the country and to support the police and other investigating authorities in determining the factual causes and consequences of such collisions.

Conceptualized by Dr. Rohit Baluja, President IRTE, CrashLab is a technological innovation of IRTE's in house research wing.

CrashLab uses the latest Global Positioning System (GPS) to ascertain the true location of the collision scene. It also features the latest software that can process intricate data to reconstruct collisions using analysis softwares such as PC Crash and via net which help in simulating the collisions and in their analysis. The pictures taken by CrashLab can be sent directly to the Police Control Room or to IRTE through the internet.

CrashLab has assorted gauges, scales, compass, tools and aids for measuring tyre tread, temperature, humidity, direction, reflectivity, luminosity, liner parameters, time, elevation and speed. It is also equipped with the latest breath alcohol evidential devices.

The aim of developing this multipurpose CrashLab is to support the enforcement and accident investigation agencies to conduct collision investigation in the most scientific manner. Only through such a methodology can the true causes and consequences of collision be known. Knowledge of such information can help authorities take proper remedial measures.

The crash lab is also used to conduct Road safety audits, Highway assessment programs and Journey Risk Management. This is the beginning of infrastructure development in the area of collision investigation towards road safety management. Integra Design has supported IRTE in the developing the Interceptors and CrashLabs, bringing IRTE's vision into reality.