Department of Law

The Department of Law at the College of Traffic Management was commissioned in 2011, and completes 10 eventful years in 2020.

This Department fulfils the role as the heart of IRTE, as it contributes to equipping all other departments of the IRTE, as well as the M.Sc. students with required information such as legal instruments, codes of practice and allied research related to all domains of traffic management and forensic science.

After the signing of the MoU between IRTE and the United Nations (UNECE) to promote road safety in South East Asia, this Department has been actively working with many countries of the region towards procuring all legal instruments as well as allied research in the domain of road traffic management and safety.

This Department also develops and conducts courses in the field of road accident investigation and traffic management. For the Bureau of Police Research & Development (BPR&D), this Department has already conducted 85 Courses for Police Officers from across the country in “Road Accident Investigation”. The recently launched Road Safety Court of Justice at the College of Traffic Management is a part and facility of the Department of Law.

It was under the aegis of this Department, that the IRTE supported the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India towards framing the new Motor Vehicles Driving Regulations, on a pro-bono basis. These Regulations were notified in 2017 and form the very basis of safe and disciplined road usage.

The IRTE had supported the United Nations in developing the Resolution for the Safety of Powered Two Wheelers and Vulnerable Road Users in the South East Asian Region.