Department of Driver Training & Road Safety Education

With its global associations and partnerships, IRTE has gained vast experience and an edge in the research and development of these programmes. The driver training programs at IRTE are an amalgamation of the best practices, driving techniques and standards customized to suit the requirements of the driver in the current driving environment. The systems are regularly updated to accommodate the research findings and dynamic needs of the drivers.  The tools, systems and modules have been developed on a bottom-up-approach. The bottom-up approach has been defined by IRTE as understanding the cause of violations through scientific research – including video recording, accident investigation, safety audits of roads and related environments, interviews of drivers and road users - and integrating the research findings with standards and legislation to develop tools and systems of training to meet the needs of drivers in different categories.

IRTE has developed research-based driver training courses that are comprehensive, practical, and meet the requirements of different stake holders in the Indian environment.  Each of the drivers have gone through a process of pre and post-training assessment. This assessment has helped IRTE better understand the needs of drivers and identify places where instructional methods need to be improved. 

Take nothing for granted - driver training is important.

Need & Research based modules, tools & systems of training

The training programs address all critical components of risk reduction and safe driving
We understand road unsafety due to our significant contribution towards investigation of road accidents and train police on recognizing road traffic violations
We carry out road safety audits & Journey Risk Management™ (JRM) and therefore our driver training programs are need and research based

Our Courses are designed for:

Driving Instructors

Motor Licensing Officers

Managers of Fleet Organisations

Divers of Logistic Companies

Drivers of Medium/ Heavy Cargo Vehicles

Drivers of Buses including School Buses

Drivers of Vehicles carrying Dangerous and Hazardous Goods

Drivers of Light Motor Vehicle

Two Wheeler Riders

Our Driver Training Courses are also tailor-made for Corporate/ Institutions/ Organisations.

Training Methodology

Training Evaluation

  • Pre & Post Assessments would be carried out to ascertain the knowledge of the drivers. Feedback forms will assess the quality of the training given to the Participants

About the Faculty

  • Highly qualified automobile engineers, collision investigators, traffic and transportation specialists, and public health experts,
  • An average experience of 15-20 years.
  • Extensively trained to ensure the highest quality of subject matter delivery through a process of continuous re-training and evaluation on a regular basis.
  • Instructors are selected for their ability to communicate with the varied stakeholders and different levels of literacy.

Outcomes of Driving Training

  • Understand the basics of defensive driving with examples
  • Operation and application of Vehicle "Know its capabilities and limitations"
  • Understand the different types of hazards related to vehicle movements
  • Realize the importance of physical & mental wellbeing of drivers
  • Gain in-depth knowledge on hazards and implement control measures
  • Recognize the criteria’s required for a safe site, safe vehicle conditions & safe journey
  • Understand how the vehicle safety devices help in protecting the vehicle occupants
  • Understand the Motor Act & Traffic regulations

The Training Program

The One day Defensive Driving Program is customized to the need of the client. The training sessions are highly interactive and encourage active participation from the trainees through discussion, Q&A’s and the encouragement of use of actual examples from their own experience. The training aids consist of specialized superior quality audio-visual content like animations, photographs, videos, related graphical representations, hence making the training program conducive for various literacy levels.

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