Department of Driver Training & Road Safety Education

What are the pre-requisites of obtaining a drivers license?

As per the provisions in the Indian Legislation, applicants for a driving license should have undergone a minimum of 28 days of training and should have extensive knowledge of all the 40 driving regulations, 16 Sections of the Motor Vehicles Act and should be aware of the meaning and the application of Traffic Control Devices which detail out to almost 214 items within the devices.

It is also a fact that most of us procure a license to drive with almost no knowledge of the basic requirements. The governments lay more emphasis on testing the skills rather than the wisdom of the applicant drivers.

Beyond the understanding of the legal provisions, the non-standard road environment is a challenge for the driver which he is not formally aware of. Non-standard roads together with un-trained drivers result in chaos on our roads. IRTE estimates that over 6.2 billion road traffic violations are committed by motorized traffic every single day in India.

In 1996, IRTE pioneered the country's first Defensive Driving Course. Since then, IRTE has trained more than 800,000 drivers from all audiences, across India.

The driver training programs at IRTE are an amalgamation of the best practices, driving techniques and standards, customized to suit the requirements of the driver in the current driving environment. Training Modules are based upon the need of the driver/rider with reference to the vehicles they drive, type of road environment they operate in, provision of legislation in those areas as applicable, as well as the driver’s demographics.

The IRTE's Department of Driver Training is one of a kind in India as it develops realistic, research-based curriculums. The tools and systems of training are supported by extensive research conducted through camera-based audits of the roads and the driving environment as well as surveys and interviews of drivers.

The faculty and researchers at the Department include traffic engineers, public health specialists, enforcers, Psychologists, doctors, legal experts as well as automobile engineers. Post License Driver Training.

Where a driver who is unaware of the legislation, the meaning, and application of traffic control devices and drives amongst most, who are in the same capacity as himself & herself.

Can there be an off the Shelf-training?

The answer is No.

IRTE’s Post License driver training programs are specially designed and tailor- made for:

  • Different category of vehicles
  • Different needs of drivers
  • Different road environments

Our Short Term Courses (Training) includes:

  • One day Sensitivity & Awareness Module
  • Two day Basic + Defensive Applications
  • One day Incident management

The Training Program

The One day Defensive Driving Program is customized to the need of the client. The training sessions are highly interactive and encourage active participation from the trainees through discussion, Q&A’s and the encouragement of use of actual examples from their own experience. The training aids consist of specialized superior quality audio-visual content like animations, photographs, videos, related graphical representations, hence making the training program conducive for various literacy levels. In addition to this, IRTE also provides training materials to each trainee.

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