Department of Forensic Science

Forensic science sits at the intersection of science, law, policing, government, and policy. It is a complex ecosystem that has competing demands and drivers to deliver science to assist the justice system.

Research in forensic science needs to be harnessing the emerging capabilities in technology, AI, and machine learning to develop novel technological tools to address the emerging challenges that are arising in the detection and identification of traces and individuals. But it must also develop the foundational underpinning needed for reliable, transparent, and reproducible evaluative interpretation of what those materials that are detected mean in a specific criminal investigation.

In its current form, the Forensic knowledge is not being utilized to its full potential to help the investigating law enforcement agencies and the criminal justice system to provide proactive assistance, enhance internal security, help criminal justice administration and reduce the risk of wrongful conviction or exoneration.

While Forensic knowledge has found its way into investigating more heinous forms of crimes, its utility in the investigation of Road accidents and understanding the factual causes of an accident are still a less traversed area. The usual theory of an investigation officer is by and large based on a preconceived notion that the victim is always innocent, the driver of the motor vehicle is at fault and the bigger vehicle is always the culprit. With this bias, the basic purpose to arrive at the truth gets defeated by the mind-set. Hence, defining these road accidents/crashes in a scientific and transparent manner is of utmost importance.

It is with this objective that the Forensic Science Department at the College of Traffic Management, IRTE has been set up. The department with its interdisciplinary approach not only contributes to the investigation of road traffic accidents and in its reconstruction, but it also helps to produce information and safety suggestions to improve road safety through studying road traffic accidents.

The Department, equipped with Forensic Science labs and latest equipment and facilities, takes pride in being the only Department in the Faridabad region offering M.Sc. Forensic Science is a two-year full-time Program in affiliation with Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak, Haryana.

The Department is currently engaged in exploring new frontiers and offering specialization to the Master's students in areas such as like

  • Cyber Forensics
  • Forensic Accident Investigation
  • Serology and DNA Typing
  • Forensic Chemical sciences, etc.

Lately, the Department is also offering both short term courses (on-campus) and on-line courses in Fingerprint Examination, Questioned Document Examination, Crime scene Investigation and Forensic Serology and DNA Fingerprinting areas.