Department of Forensic Science

Forensic science deals with the acquisition and analysis of scientific data for application to the study and resolution of crime, investigation, civil and regulatory issues, and criminal identification amongst others.

The department with its interdisciplinary approach not only contributes to the investigation of road traffic accidents and in its reconstruction, but it also helps to produce information and safety suggestions to improve road safety through studying road traffic accidents.

With the passage of time, human society has encountered an ever-increasing rate of crimes along with the scope of investigating them. Thus, the department performs the following three main functions:


The department contributes to the investigation of road accidents by preserving the crime scene followed by collection and preservation of the evidence and eventually its scientific analysis in the laboratory to objectively conduct the methodical prognosis of a road crash.


The department facilitates training programs for police officials and other professionals to handle the crime scene which includes scientifically and systematically preserving the crime scene, recording, and collecting evidence, and forwarding the evidence to the laboratory while maintaining integrity as part of chain of custody.


The department imparts an in-depth knowledge of the investigative aspects of forensic science with a comprehensive understanding of the legal framework.

The advanced technologies have greatly escalated the rate of crimes. Hence, the College of Traffic Management, known for its dynamic flexibility in designing courses to suit the need of the hour, now has a unique postgraduate program in forensic science.

The program, running with affiliation to Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak, invites lectures and inputs from a variety of experts from academia, research institutions, and industry. It is tailor-made to fulfil the requirements needed to keep pace with modern advancements.

The department has well-equipped laboratories dedicated to forensic science research:

  • Scene of Occurrence- Investigation, and Reconstruction
  • Handling physical evidence
  • Preliminary and Confirmatory analysis of Physical, Chemical, and biological evidence
  • Instrumental analysis using UV-Vis Spectrophotometers and Alcohol Countermeasures Laboratory