Highway Assessment Programme (HAP)®

To make highway travel safer, the Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE), introduced innovative research to its methodology, which is the Highway Assessment Programme.

The Highway Assessment Programme uses a camera-based recording of the road environment, risks, and hazards, deficiencies in design and engineering principles to conduct scientific road safety audits.

A joint team works together to record the road environment, risks and hazards, design deficiencies, and shortcomings in the engineering principles.

This team includes:

  • Traffic Engineers
  • Professionals in the field on road accident analysis
  • Cameramen
  • Road Safety Experts

The Highway Assessment Programme is directed towards the highway departments or road management agencies to improve improper road stretches and enhance safety.

The entire process consists of:

  • Creating a customised digital road network
  • Recording accidents and accident-prone zones
  • Risk parameters
  • Speed analysis
  • Volume counts
  • Study of violations
  • Identifying deficiencies in geometric design and road infrastructure

IRTE’s research has conclusively proved that black spots and stretches exist even in areas where the engineering aspects are as per standards. HAP includes an audit of human behaviour and elements which relate to the culture and habits of road users. These audits involve proper investigation of all highways and other road transportation projects including junction improvements and any major or minor traffic management schemes. A detailed report is prepared to get rid of the identified loopholes, and remedial measures are put in place. These measures are both for the short-term and the long term. The report contains comprehensive statistical and visual content along with observations and recommendations. Road accident analysis is a very crucial part of the highway assessment programme It involves an in-depth analysis of the reasons for road accidents, which may be due to driver negligence or due to faulty road conditions.

To conduct the HAP, IRTE's Mobile Crash Investigation and Research Laboratory- the CrashLab is deputed. This Mobile laboratory has been specially customized and equipped with multi-cameras, laser-based speed measurement and recording devices, laptop & GPS systems. IRTE's CrashLab is also being utilized for accident recording and investigation.

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