Department of Traffic Engineering

The Traffic Engineering Department at IRTE’s College of Traffic Management is perhaps the only research-based training center, where the modules and tools and systems of training are need-based and research-based. Road Safety Engineers at this department are amongst transport and traffic engineers and planners, accident investigators, forensic experts, enforcement specialists, system managers, and IT professionals. The aim and objective of this Department are capacity building of road and highway authorities, road making and maintenance organisations, government and non- government organisations as well as individuals.

Department offers, customised and specialised courses on behalf of, and for the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Institute of Highway Engineers, Municipal Corporations, Police & Transport Departments as well as for Road building, maintenance and tolling concessionaires

Key features:

  • Pioneered the concept of Journey Risk Management™ (JRM) in India to support safe driving on highways.
  • Multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach to develop research & need based modules, tools and systems of trainings.
  • The Interceptor is used for the process of JRM, Audit or other engineering surveys.
  • Customized GIS based software is used to create maps like digital road network, road infrastructure, facilities and services.
  • Team consists of professionals world renowned road safety experts, transport planners, traffic engineers, accident investigators, forensic experts, enforcement specialists, system managers, and IT professionals

Our Expertise

  • Scientific research in conformity with IRC standards, requirements of the Indian legislation as well as the UN Conventions
  • Road Safety Audit to develop Strategies, improvement plans and Programs for traffic management
    • Evaluation & analysis of risk due to failures in road engineering
    • Crash data analysis & assess accident ‘black spots’ to design road safety improvements
    • Assess and Implement Traffic Collision Reduction Measures
    • Construction zone management, scientific speed limits fixation, Pedestrian Facilities amongst others
    • Functional aspects of road geometry including traffic signs, traffic signals, intersection management and road surface markings.
  • Training programs for Highway Engineers, Road Safety Auditors, Police & transport officials.
  • Comprehensive Reporting systems