Department of Traffic Engineering

Traffic Engineering

The science which determines the needs of road traffic to move in a disciplined, safe and efficient manner is that of “traffic engineering”. The algorithms for application in this discipline are the codes of practice of road geometrics, traffic control devices, and network control systems. The methodology of governance for the movement of traffic is the driving regulations. Comprehensively the science of traffic engineering is that science that uses engineering techniques and traffic regulations in order to achieve safe and efficient movement of traffic on roadways.

While in the developed world, traffic engineering is embedded within the traffic management system, in India we see an absence of application of this science. The reason is that transport departments and road authorities outsource the application to contractors and consultants, and also, these authorities do not have scheduled placement of ‘traffic engineers’ within their departments. The result is most visible on all roads across the country: indiscipline, a growing number of road traffic violations, and a rise in the number of minor, serious injury and fatal road crashes.

The Traffic Engineering Department at IRTE’s College of Traffic Management is perhaps the only research-based training center, where the modules and tools and systems of training are need-based and research-based. Road Safety Engineers at this department are amongst transport and traffic engineers and planners, accident investigators, forensic experts, enforcement specialists, system managers, and IT professionals. The aim and objective of this Department are capacity building of road and highway authorities, road making and maintenance organisations, government and non- government organisations as well as individuals.

Courses offered at the College of Traffic Management:

Other than the Post Graduate M.Sc. Course on Traffic Management, which is a two-year regular course, this Department offers, customised and specialised courses. The Department undertakes courses on behalf of, and for the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Institute of Highway Engineers, Municipal Corporations, Police & Transport Departments as well as for Road building, maintenance and tolling concessionaires. Our courses include:

Course Name Days Weeks
Fundamentals of Traffic Engineering 2
Road Safety Engineering 3 1
Road Safety Traffic Management 1
Road Safety Audit 1
Forensic Road Safety Audit 2
Speed Management 2
Work Zone Management 2
Post-Crash management for Police officers 3
Skill Set in Traffic Control & Management 3
Traffic Management in Hilly Areas 1
Traffic Management for Vulnerable Road Users 1

Look out to the website when next courses are being offered for general public

In case any organisation, desires a specially customised course, we can plan to do so for a minimum of 10 participants.

Course fee is based upon the number of participants, and includes materials, lunch, am/pm tea. Transport to and from works zone, audit locations is included. The Department also offers special prices for residential courses, where concessional twin sharing rooms are available at 3/4 star hotels in the vicinity.

Our Courses are designed for practical needs and operations and include both the academic and practical portions. The training supports the understanding and being able to mitigate issues in connection with safety and efficiency of traffic.

The courses are designed for engineers and technicians working in local authorities, consultancies, overseas organisations. They are also suitable for road safety officers, police and armed forces officers and other professionals concerned with road safety.