A. Engineering Lab (A201-A203)
  1. Traffic Management Centre
    • LCD & LED TV
    • Projector
    • DVD Player
  2. Dark Room
    • Regulatory, Warning and Informatory Signs boards.
    • Regulator Light
    • Road marking strips
    • Cats eye reflector
  3. Engineering Lab
    • Regulatory signs-speed limit, stop sign, compulsory right, no stopping no standing etc.
    • Warning signs-man at work, pedestrian crossing, etc.
    • Informatory signs- direction signs, signs informing about petrol pump, toll booth etc.
    • Traffic Calming measures- Speed Breaker(speed humps and speed bumps), rumble strip,
    • Channelizing devices at work zone - traffic cone, tubular markers, hazard markers, New Jersey barrier, Bull nose barrier, etc.
    • Road Markings- pedestrian crossing, lane marking, median marking etc.
    • Tree
    • Anti-glare screen on medians.
    • Guard rails(steel beam safety barriers) and Fence Barriers
    • Battery Vehicle
  4. Journey risk management lab
    • Projector, Screen, Magnetic white board
    • Convex road safety mirrors
B. Enforcement Lab (B101)
  1. Projector, Screen, Magnetic white board
  2. Pulsar bike demo vehicle with helmet and dummy bike rider
  3. Interceptor demo model
  4. DVD Player, Video camera, VCR, Television
  5. Laser based speed measurement device
C. Simulator Lab (B006)
  1. Projector, LED TV, LED Screen Stand
  2. Computer desktop, speaker
  3. Traffic cone with chain
  4. Truck simulator
  5. Bike simulator